Booking Terms and Conditions for Chauffeur Tour Scotland.

Henceforth Chauffeur Tour Scotland will be known as The Company.

The Company is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However we do not run tours on the 24th & 25th of December and the 1st of January.

The hire price is guaranteed to remain the same as quoted at the time of reservation so long as no alteration has been made to the itinerary after the reservation has been made. Any alterations made to the journey itinerary after the reservation has been made will be charged accordingly.

Quotations are based on the duties outlined by clients and our estimated time to leave from our base, complete the services and return to base. Extra journeys or duties requested by clients on the day, where possible, will be charged at the hourly rate. Please note that VAT at 20% is applicable to all transport services.

Please ensure when booking that accurate details are provided. Any subsequent changes after your confirmation has been issued may not be possible due to other commitments. Notice of the amendment must be given in writing/E-mail to the Company.

Fuel and any parking costs incurred on a tour are included in the original quote. However, if parking tickets are issued to our drivers/vehicles as a result of passenger instructions then the client named on the contract will incur additional costs to cover these.

Transfers only - Waiting time will be charged, at our discretion, at our basic hourly rate based on our current tariff at the time of journey.

All bookings must be paid in full before the hiring commences, unless stated otherwise. Any extra hours will be settled at the end of the hire. A non-refundable deposit of 10%, (plus accommodation costs if applicable), is required at time of booking. The balance is required 8 weeks prior to commencement of booking after which time no refund will be given. There will be no refund given once monies are paid to Chauffeur Tour Scotland unless in exceptional circumstances. Where applicable, confirmation of receipt will be forwarded to the client making the reservation.

Holiday insurance is the clients responsibility. We strongly recommend that holiday insurance is taken out at time of booking. A cancellation invoice will be supplied for insurance claims if required. 
If the deposit is not paid in time we shall cancel the booking. If the balance is not paid in time we shall cancel the booking. 

Force Majeure: This means that we will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way because of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include, for example, war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions.
If paying by cheque please make it payable to ‘Chauffeur Tour Scotland’. There is a 3.5% surcharge if paying by credit card, (2% by American Express).

Wire transfer details are available on request. 

The Company aim to provide our clients with the vehicle the group booked, at all times, however we reserve the right to provide a similar vehicle if such vehicles are not available. The Company reserves the right to sub contract to other companies should the need arise.

The vehicles/drivers of The Company are fully insured including Public Liability Insurance. We do not accept responsibility for any theft or damage to goods except where such theft or damage was a direct action by one of The Company’s employees. We do not accept responsibility for bodily injury, sickness or death to any other person except where such injury, sickness or death is caused directly by a member of The Company’s staff.

Airport to City Centre transfers should take no more than 1 hour, we therefore include 1 hour in our executive transfer rate. If following a reservation the client fails to arrive on the flight detailed at the time of reservation then the chauffeur shall wait for a maximum of 1 hour starting from the flight’s expected arrival time. An extra charge will be incurred for any additional hours. This will be charged at our basic hourly rate from the current tariff. If after this time the client fails to arrive, NO REFUND will be issued.

The Company will monitor the flight progress based on information available. The chauffeur shall amend his arrival time accordingly, if however, the flight arrival time is amended due to delays following the chauffeur’s arrival at the airport, then additional waiting time will be charged at our basic hourly rate from the current tariff. If, as a result of extreme delays the chauffeur is required to return to the airport in order to collect the client, then this will be at the convenience of The Company. The Company is obliged to carry out other pre-booked reservations, and cannot cause delays and inconvenience to other clients as a result of flight delays. To ensure that a vehicle is available for your late arrival please inform our office as soon as you are aware of any delay to your arrival time.

We do not accept liability for delays caused by unavoidable traffic delays/accidents, bad weather conditions, or delays caused by third parties such as ferry companies, hotels or any other third party contracted on your behalf.

The route taken is at the driver’s discretion. The driver will take the best possible route and in the event of heavy traffic congestion, he/she will amend the route if necessary and endeavour to deliver passengers to their destination on time. The Company do not accept responsibility for any delays or missed appointments/travel arrangements. Always allow plenty of time for your journey.

The driver will always drive at a reasonable speed.

The Company operate a strict NO SMOKING policy in all our vehicles.

The Company reserve the right to refuse travel to any person deemed to be a nuisance or danger or to exhibit aggressive behaviour towards our drivers or any person deemed to be working for the Company or exhibit any behaviour deemed unacceptable. If necessary The Company may request the police to assist us in removing any offenders from our vehicles. In these circumstances NO REFUND will be issued and NO COMPENSATION will be paid.

The consumption of alcohol is forbidden in all vehicles unless pre-booked direct with The Company.

Guide dogs are allowed in our vehicles but must be declared at the time of reservation.

The Company will provide child seats for our vehicles. It must be stated at the time of the booking whether a child is traveling in the party. The age of the child must be stated at the time of the booking so that the relevant child seat is used. The parent/carer is responsible for the installation of any car seat and the safety of the child at all times. The driver will not under any circumstances be left to care for any child without an accompanying parent/carer present.

If for any reason you are unhappy with an aspect of your journey or a member of our staff please make your comments known to the driver at the time of the incident. If you wish to make a complaint in writing, please send to ’Chauffeur Tour Scotland, Moatyett Farm, Hawksland Road, Lanark, ML11 9PY’.

The carrying or use of any illegal drugs or weapons in our vehicles is forbidden.

The Company DO NOT accept responsibility for the following: delays due to adverse weather conditions; theft or damage of any item belonging to any of the passengers travelling in our vehicles unless caused by a member of our staff; delays caused by road traffic accidents; other traffic conditions or acts of God; any passenger leaving possessions or items in the vehicle do so at their own risk.

All luggage is to be placed in the luggage compartment provided. The driver must agree to any item the client wishes to take into the vehicle with them.

Our staff will be responsible for opening doors of vehicles when safe to do so. No doors will be opened until the vehicle has come to a complete halt.

If any of our vehicles is damaged or soiled as a result of passengers’ actions, we will charge the client named on the contract fully for the amount to rectify the vehicle and for time lost whilst the vehicle was taken out of the fleet.

Gratuities are at the client’s discretion and are not included in the price. If the client wishes to make a gratuity payment, he/she may request this be charged at their discretion.

We care about your privacy and are committed to keeping information about you confidential. This includes any information you submit to us by email or by phone, or in person whenever you travel with us.

Persons who supply us with their telephone numbers will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding quotations or bookings they have placed with us. We use the personal information collected to administer and deliver our tour services. In connection with the delivery of our tour services, we may share the personal information with third-party partners who help deliver or administer the tour services, but they are only permitted to use the information in connection with the delivery or administration of our tour services.

At no time do we retain or store client’s credit card details. We strongly recommend that no credit card details are sent by email at any time. We use Worldpay to process credit card transactions, and that company does not use the credit card or personal information for any purpose other than to fulfil the specific purchase transaction.

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