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The Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel, the world's only rotating boat lift! Join a boat trip, explore the canals and enjoy a great family day out!


This is an amazing feat of engineering set in beautiful scenery. You may wish to travel on the gondola. The journey starts by sailing into the bottom gondola of The Wheel, which then makes a graceful sweep, lifting the boat up to join the Union Canal 35m above. The ascent takes approximately 15 minutes, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the stunning views of the spectacular surrounding scenery. Once lifted, the boat sails smoothly from The Wheel onto the Union Canal. This passes along the aqueduct, through the 180 meter Roughcastle Tunnel and under the historic - World Heritage site - Antonine Wall. 

You can visit the Wheel as part of a private day tour which can include Stirling Castle, Deanston Distillery and Loch Lomond to name a few. Please let us organise a unique tour for you and your family.

Perhaps you have an alternative suggestion for your private day tour so please contact us. 

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