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Arran Mountains snow

Private Tours Scotland - Isle of Arran Mountain Festival
17th – 20th May

A call for all the hikers out there! This 4 day annual festival offers a huge variety of guided walks and scrambles in the stunning hills of Arran. Although not the oldest rocks in this area, at a mere 60 million years old, the granite hills in the north of Arran are by far the most prominent. At that time Greenland and North America were joined to the north-west coast of Britain, and the Atlantic Ocean was just beginning to open as the Eurasian and North American continents drifted apart. Cracks related to this opening formed down the Firth of Clyde, beginning to determine the outline of Arran and the sea lochs to the north. It is worth noting that Arran has been an island longer than Britain, which was still joined to the rest of Europe after the last Ice Age.There is a wide choice of routes ranging from wildlife-watching walks along the island’s coastline to airy scrambles on towering granite ridges.

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